The Position of LBT Women: from Community Building to Mainstreaming Efforts

Kategorija: Conference2014 / Datum: septembar 5, 2014

On the second conference day (Saturday, September 13) will be discussed about topic that is usually place of silence.

An important panel entitled The Position of Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women: from Community Building to Mainstreaming Efforts will take place Natia Gvianishvili from Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (Georgia), Olga Lenkova from Coming Out (Russia), Anastasia Danilova from Genderdoc-M (Moldova), Urška Sterle from Škuc-LL (Slovenia), Rajmonda Sylbije from Center for Equality and Liberty (Kosovo) and Krisztina Kolos Orbán from Transgender Europe (Germany).

Photo Anastasia

Anastasia Danilova from Genderdoc-M (Moldova)

They will talk about the current situation for LBT-women in Balkan, Russia, Moldova covering the challenges posed by the governmental policies and consequences of the double discrimination, with no effective state-run programs aimed at these groups of women.

You can read more about the Conference speakers on page Conference speakers

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