Sports vs. Homophobia: Building the Community and Raising Awareness

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Statistically there is probably at least one young person who will grow up to identify as LGBT in every high school sports team nationwide.

On the panel entitled “Sports vs. Homophobia: Building the Community and Raising Awareness” we discussed about the regional LGBTIQ population who are not able to freely express themselves and openly take part in sport achievements without being put down by homophobic and sexist remarks from some of the top sport officials.

Imke Duplitzer, Fencer (Olympic Games Competitor)

Imke Duplitzer, Fencer (Olympic Games Competitor)

We hope that sports will be a safe and nurturing place for all youth, including those who will grow up to identify as LGBT. While most LGBT kids and teens grow up to become happy, healthy adults, these youth unfortunately have a higher risk of substance abuse, depression, contemplating suicide, and other health problems, as well as being victims of bullying and violence.

These problems are not because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, but rather due to stress and isolation many LGBT youth face from their families, schools, communities, society, and possibly their sports teams. Even many LGBT professional athletes have had to hide their identity for fear of harassment, losing their job or endorsements if they do not.

Last year we’ve seen an unprecedented number of gay athletes come out of the closet, and we’ve seen even more straight athletes stand up against homophobia. If there is a tipping point in the long history of gay sports. Our history starts here, on the first regional panel on LGBT sport that will take place with Imke Duplitzer Fencer (Olympic Games Competitor), Sandra Brumen from Kontra (Zagreb), Tonči Kranjčević Batalić qSPORT (Split) i Boris Vrdoljak from qSPORT (Zagreb).

About FemSlam

Labris in September 2011 formed sports group FemSlam within the Information Center, which is primarily concerned with empowering LBT women.

Football FemSlam team at PanGames in Copenhagen, September 2014

Football FemSlam team at PanGames in Copenhagen, September 2014

FemSlam is the first and only sports group, which brings together women of different sexual orientation from heterosexual in Serbia. In August 2012 FemSlam was the first and so far the only LGBT sports groups that represented Serbia at Euro Gay games, held in Budapest and 2014 at PanGames in Copenhagen and Paris Tournament. To this date FemSlam sports group gathered around 70 LBT women in four weekly sports activities: basketball, football, yoga, badminton and run.

You can read more about the Conference speakers on page Conference speakers.

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